Jessie Turns 3

For Jessie's 3rd birthday we had a pricess party at Gymtrix.  The kids played on the bars, jumped into the foam pit, and played on the roap swing and climbing wall all while being dressed up as Princesses.  

A Surprise Party

Reid's mom's surprise birthday party! 
Happy 60th birthday Diane!

Jessie Gets her Ears Pierced

I told Jessie no the first time she asked me for earrings.  The second time she asked, I told her that she could get earrings IF she gave up her binki.  She immediately handed it over!  She then gave it to me, by her own choice, each day for a few weeks.  She would hand it to me and say, "I want earrings, Mom." 
So....for her 3rd birthday....she got her ears pierced.  She is STILL telling everyone she meets that she got earrings for her birthday.  She also cleans them and turns them all by herself. 
So fun!

Get Ready....Get Set...


She was pretty excited about her earrings as soon as it was over.  Ice cream makes most things better!

Super Saturday

Tyson is 9 months old

Happy Halloween



Trick-or-treating at the Forest Service

Reid's supervisor, Eric, and his coworkers.

Trunk or Treat at the church. 
So tired at the end of a fun Halloween. 

Tyson's Finalization

October 16, 2013.
Today, we finalized Tyson's adoption in court! 

33 Years Young

October 8, 2013. 
A Giant thank you to my family and friends! 
I had a great birthday filled with surprises, sushi, and SUNSHINE!! 

We're Potty Training!